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  1. Kolkata's metro: it's clean, efficient and friendly | Liz Cleere
  2. Mysore
    Mysore 18/01/2012 at 02:37 |

    I really enjoyed this piece Liz. It took me back to many places and different times. During my schooldays we used to go on hikes to the old colonial cemetery near our school in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu (then Madras State). It was enclosed by a low wall in the middle of the jungle and full of crumbling graves topped by marble angels, reminders of little children who had succumbed to cholera, dysentery and malaria. As a doctor’s daughter I was acutely aware of the diseases that took their lives and felt very lucky to be born in a different age.
    At ‘home’ in Mysore we used to go to the river in Seringapatam to bathe and up river there was a neglected spot where we would tug the vegetation and soil from the cow-trampled graves of the British soldiers who had stormed the fort of Seringapatam and won for Britain the State of Mysore (now Karnataka), beating Napoleon to it by a whisker.
    Later, in 2006, I went to the European graveyard in Mysore city. It was neglected and sad. Beneath the crooked stones lay the remains of friends from my parent’s generation, their epitaphs covered in dry leaves and debris. The kind and beetlenut-toothed warden cleared them with his bare hands, smiling up his apology. Behind him trailed a thin pye dog and her loose-limbed puppies. They rolled in the dust of the path and scampered about us and I remembered how Angie Stevens loved her yellow Labrador, how Botha VanIngen called his German Pointers to him and how Hugh Warren threw the corners of his sandwiches to the pye dogs on the steps by the river in Seringapatam. Perhaps something of them was still there in that forgotten corner of their city.
    Even though I sit here in England on a cold winter’s day and have been doing accounts all day, you have taken me back to India Liz. Thank you so much for your evocative article and Jamie’s wonderful pictures.

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