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  1. Mysore
    Mysore 08/05/2012 at 03:23 |

    I love this piece Liz.
    Here in the New Forest, Hampshire, we are still getting wet, wet, wet weather. The Beaulieu Boat Jumble was cancelled last weekend because of high winds and waterlogged ground.
    This weekend has been better but it has still been a rainy May bank holiday,
    My black dog, Merlin, persuaded me to take a walk near Moonhills Green and for a change we went the muddy way. Under the footbridge, where I used to play ‘trolls’ with my girls when they were little, Merlin bounced around in the clay and became a wet black dog with brown legs.
    We went back to the jeep through the heather to try and brush some of the mud from Merlin’s coat. There, near path on a mound of lichen, I found a mobile phone. It was locked to calls, so I used my mobile to ring the first contact on the list.
    An hour later, when the owner came to collect her phone, I found out I had rung a relative in the States who was attending his daughter’s graduation ceremony – probably an expensive call (my mobile to UK mobile number, relayed to the USA and back to UK).
    Not as exciting as Tom Cruise in the park, but an unexpected connection with the wider world.
    P.S. Our wisteria isn’t out yet. It’s waiting for warmer weather. Could we borrow some of yours?

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