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  1. HelenMoat
    HelenMoat 25/02/2012 at 18:29 |

    Hi Liz
    I stumbled across this website and thought of you. I like the concept of the website: 4 cities, 1 rotating, plus a mix of fiction and non-fiction creative. I also like the fact that they don’t publish too much and the stories are generally of a high standard (the non-fiction is quite literary). Anyway, I thought of you as one of their cities is Mumbai.
    The only thing I think is a bit odd, is the fact they say ‘stories cannot be published elsewhere’. I don’t know if they are trying to claim publishing rights for the piece which I wouldn’t be happy about – not least, as they don’t pay as far as I can see – but they do allow you a biography slot. If you are interested, google a tale of four cities. (My right button to paste website doesn’t seem to be working).

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