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  1. hwatson
    hwatson 01/05/2012 at 22:08 |

    Great piece Liz

    Lovely descriptions and I particularly like the yak/nak fact!

    Weirdly I actually work at a zoo doing conservation research…..!

    I think zoo’s should be instruments to teach people (and of course for this animal welfare is vital). Most zoo animals could never be reintroduced into the wild as they are not capable of surviving and adapting to their natural habitat any longer. Captive breeding for reintroduction should therefore take place in special facilities with few human visitors. Pacing backward and forwards continuously is called “stereotyped behavior” and it is considered to be a sign of bad welfare. Unfortunately it is common in zoo held big cats. Once animals start doing it they rarely stop, even if their environments are improved.

    Many Zoos currently claiming to do conservation are actually just housing endangered animals as exhibits.

    It you want to work out if a zoo is doing a good job RE conservation then look to see what projects they are funding outside the zoo.

    Good debate 🙂

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